Chad D Wants YOU To Ask & Tell

Chad D Wants YOU To Ask & Tell

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“Infiltrate the base. Rainbows in space. Give the boys a taste of the citizens they waste…”

Hey now. Damn you, Chad D for your irresistibly catchy commentary on the ongoing repeal of DADT. For those of you just being introduced to Chad D, he’s a Philadelphia rapper in fatigues five sizes too big – but we suddenly adore him. (Also, if his website is to be believed, he is an SEO specialist? Chaddy D Creations shout out!)

We wanted to laugh at this video at first – we’re still a little unsure if it is a comedy or drama – but the fact of the matter is that homeboy put together a fun, silly music video. And he’s kind of a babe. Give Ask & Tell a watch and tell us and Chad D what you think.

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