Channing Tatum Busts Out His ‘Magic Mike’ Moves in a Gas Station

Channing Tatum Busts Out His ‘Magic Mike’ Moves in a Gas Station

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Channing Tatum stole our hearts in the Magic Mike films. The films — especially the first one — combined sexy dancers with a look at the economic crisis. The second film may have been not quite as good, but it did add a number of additional sexy dancers, so we can’t complain too much.

But stealing hearts via a critically acclaimed film isn’t enough — Tatum’s now doing it in person. Earlier this week, the star stopped off at a Sunoco gas station in North Carolina. While he may have initially gone in for an iced coffee things got… hotter?

Tatum turned on a Facebook Live stream for his coffee run:

The six-minute-long video opens with Tatum walking back to the cold cases to get a coffee drink. His friend gets a pack of Reese’s, and as they check out, the clerk immediately recognizes him and gets a hug with the actor.

He starts chatting with her — and discovers her name is Beatrice. They joke around a bit, and Tatum tells her he’s driving across the country.

Another customer comes in, and doesn’t recognize Tatum. But then he realizes the best way to explain who he is: dance! They turn up the speakers, and Beatrice and Tatum have their own little dance party in the store!

The entire video is charming. And though he keeps his shirt on, unlike his famous character — after all, it’s a Sunoco, not a strip club — everyone has a great time.

After a while, it’s time to leave, but not without giving Beatrice a hat from Logan Lucky his new film — and his latest collaboration with Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh. (It’s also Soderbergh’s first film since Behind the Candelabra, his Liberace biopic for HBO.)

Logan Lucky takes place in North Carolina, and is about two brothers trying to pull of a heist during  a NASCAR race. Tatum and Adam Driver play the Logan Brothers.

Logan Lucky comes out August 18, 2017.

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