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Charlotte, N.C., Government Fears Retaliation for Pro-LGBTQ Legislation

Charlotte, N.C., Government Fears Retaliation for Pro-LGBTQ Legislation

Written by R. S. Benedict on January 25, 2017
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Jennifer Roberts, mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina worries her state’s Republican Party will retaliate against her city if she tries to pass legislation protecting LGBTQ rights.

Charlotte’s government passed an anti-discrimination ordinance in 2016. In response, North Carolina Republicans passed the draconian anti-queer law HB2.

Bloomberg writes:

If Charlotte defies the state legislature by passing the same ordinance again, “They can take sales tax revenue away, they’ll probably restructure our council — I mean, we’ve heard people threaten that,” said  Jennifer Roberts, a former diplomat who’s been mayor city since 2015. “It truly is not an equal negotiation.”

Since before the Civil War, Conservatives have claimed that their opposition to federal anti-discrimination laws are founded on a concern for the rights of local and governments. But the North Carolina GOP proves that this is false. Conservatives don’t care about autonomy and independence. Their only ethos is hate.

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