Charmaine Yoest, Trump Appointee to the HHS, Is a Transphobic Liar

Charmaine Yoest, Trump Appointee to the HHS, Is a Transphobic Liar

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently cut any questions about queer seniors from their surveys. TrumpCare has passed the House. And things continue to get worse in the HHS — last week Trump appointed Charmaine Yoest as the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.

Much like Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Yoest has said a number of transphobic things. The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has compiled a number of Yoest’s comments — and none of them are good.

According to the NCTE statement:

Yoest has repeatedly called transgender people “crazy,” labeled transgender people “creatures,” used anti-transgender slurs, said parents should worry about having transgender people around their children, and referred to medical care for transgender people as “a joke”—flying in the face of the views of every major medical association.

Yoest has at least had the presence of mind to realize that maybe she should delete some of those comments from her official website — though those are still available on — she hasn’t deleted all of them. And there’s a lot.

For example, here she is on Fox News:

The already-transphobic Fox News segment pits Yoest, speaking for the Family Research Council, against Michael Silverman from the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. The host repeatedly tries to cut off the well-reasoned Silverman — while Yoest makes idiotic arguments — calling trans people “abnormal.”

Yoest even gets the final word: “When you do start trying to redefine what ‘normal’ is, you do end up with real-world, real-life problems.” She then proceeds to parrot the repeatedly debunked argument of bathroom predators pretending to be trans to gain access to victims.

In this CNN clip of Poppy Harlow’s show from February, Yoest continues to regurgitate the same moronic claims — again, based on nothing but bigotry:

She’s even called upon to cite a real-world example of the dangers brought by trans people in bathrooms — and can’t.

Yoest: “The real issue is the opening that it provides for sexual predators. This makes it much more difficult for law enforcement agencies who might be using this as a way to get access to young girls and women. Frankly, Poppy, I would challenge people to look it up; there are multiple examples of people doing this.”

Harlow: “You need to back up that assertion with facts on this program.”

Yoest: “Absolutely; I can give you multiple examples, and it’s documented very well on the Internet.”

Despite offering to give multiple examples, Yoest neglects to — because, again there are none.

Yoest may have gotten this position because, in addition to all the transphobic things she’s said — which in the Trump Administration is a plus rather than a minus — she defended the President over the Billy Bush tape, repeating Former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey’s calling out of Beyoncé’s lyrics.

At this point, it’s more newsworthy when one of Trump’s appointees doesn’t say something ignorant.

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