‘Cheek 2 Cheek’: The Game About Butts You’ve Always Wanted

‘Cheek 2 Cheek’: The Game About Butts You’ve Always Wanted

Written by Hornet Staff on December 19, 2016
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The crack team behind Cheek 2 Cheek will bring new endings and even more butts to a new demo in 2016. Artist Adam Rickert and writer Dream Sequence told the story behind their humorous visual novel during a GX3 panel that kept the laughs rolling.

“I was prepared to see a lot of butts,” Rickert said. “I wasn’t prepared for the assault. Forty-eight hours of watching butts and — things get a little weird.”

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers’ Tina Belcher — the pubescent teen obsessed with butts — the visual novel unfolds like one of her many erotic friend-fics — except, of course, all the characters are portrayed from behind.

“By being about butts,” Dream Sequence said, “we’ve got everyone. Everyone can share in that joy.”

Cheek 2 Cheek features an ostensibly all-male cast, but players can bring as much of themselves as they want to the nearly 26,000-word story, adding details to help tailor the story to their gender and other identity markers.

“We didn’t want to assume who the player was of Cheek 2 Cheek,” Dream Sequence said. “All the text is written to accommodate that.”

Developed with a queer, non-binary audience in mind, the team behind Cheek 2 Cheek see significant queer potential in the visual novel genre.

“This is an accessible form of media for people and writers who want to enter game development which has a really low barrier of entry tech-wise,” Rickert said.

The “Badonka-demo” of Cheek 2 Cheek is set to debut in early 2016, but Cheek 2 Cheek is available to play now at the GX3 arcade.

(Featured image via Cheek 2 Cheek)

Previously Published December 13, 2015.

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