Brie-oncé: Man Sculpts Pregnant Beyoncé Out of Cheese

Brie-oncé: Man Sculpts Pregnant Beyoncé Out of Cheese

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An artist paid tribute to Beyoncé by sculpting her famous “baby bump” Instagram pregnancy announcement photo out of cheese, Hyperallergenic reports.

The sculpture was a team effort between creative company The Robin Collective and culinary artist David Bradley, who refers to himself as the Curious Confectioner. Bradley also designed the strange food that appears in a dinner scene in Jupiter Ascending.

Cheese Beyoncé was created for last weekend’s East Village E20 Cheese Carving Championship in London.

Though the sculpture was dubbed “Brie-oncé,” it’s actually made of cheddar — 45 pounds of it.

In case you didn’t catch the reference, the sculpture is based on the photographs Beyoncé posted on Instagram to announce that she was pregnant with twins.

Other strange celebrity tributes

This isn’t the first time that a fan has crafted a strange sculpture to pay tribute to a beloved celebrity. There’s that terrifying statue of Lucille Ball that was so awful the townsfolk raised $250,000 to replace it.

And more recently, an artist attempted to honor football star Cristiano Ronaldo with a disturbing bust that looks a little more like Eric Trump. There was a way better statue of the athlete unveiled in 2014 — it looks much more like him, and it also has a very generous crotch bulge.

And remember that statue of naked Britney Spears giving birth on a bear skin rug?

This isn’t the first cheese-themed tribute to a beloved public figure, either. In 1835, a New York dairy farmer named Colonel Thomas S. Meacham gifted President Andrew Jackson with a massive, 1400 pound block of cheese wrapped in patriotic slogans about the preservation of the Union.

The enormous cheese beast lived in the White House for several years while Jackson struggled to foist it off on anybody, anywhere, who would take it. He had to host a public reception of 10,000 visitors to finally defeat the thing, but the residual odor of a 1400 pound cheese block sitting unrefrigerated for two years haunted the next president, Martin Van Buren, long after the dubious dairy gift was gone.