Watch This Gay Man Tell Chelsea Handler Why He Supports Donald Trump

Watch This Gay Man Tell Chelsea Handler Why He Supports Donald Trump

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In the latest episode her self-titled Netflix show, Chelsea Handler interviews three men about their support for Donald Trump.

One of the men, gay and a Log Cabin Republican, tells Handler the reason he thinks Trump can lead the country is because he spoke up in the aftermath of last year’s tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

“I come at some of these issues from a different perspective,” he tells Handler. “One of the things that I thought was unique about him that really did make me feel that this guy gets it was after the Orlando shooting. That happened pride weekend here in Los Angeles.”

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Handler questions what Trump did, asking for him to clarify because she couldn’t remember.

“He was the first Republican who came out and said that I will be the best president for the LGBT community. Basically, he said I will represent the LGBT community. I will be there to represent the LGBT community.”

“He got a standing ovation for it and I remember that years ago that wouldn’t have happened.”

Obviously, the man is comparing Trump to other Republicans when he says “that wouldn’t have happened.” If he was comparing Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, what Trump did would be minimal in comparison to what Clinton did during the aftermath of Pulse.

Clinton actually visited the site of the shooting days following the tragedy and met with families of the victims. She also led the New York Pride March, and spoke about the tragedy in many of her speeches.

During her visit she said, “The Latino LGBT community, by any measure, is the community that was most severely impacted by this terrible attack. What does that mean? Well among other things, it means that it is still dangerous to be LGBT in America.”

To watch the clip, visit here.


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