Say ‘Hello Again’ to Cheyenne Jackson’s Beautiful Ass in These Steamy New Film Stills

Say ‘Hello Again’ to Cheyenne Jackson’s Beautiful Ass in These Steamy New Film Stills

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The American musical film Hello Again is now available for digital download and VOD streaming. In it, Cheyenne Jackson shows off his assets and engages in quite a lot of gay sex. Spoiler alert: he’s the bottom. Sure, we may have seen that Cheyenne Jackson ass before, but never like this.

Directed by Tom Gustafson and written by Cory Krueckeberg, Hello Again is based on the off-Broadway musical of the same name by Michael John LaChiusa. The musical is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s controversial 1897 play La Ronde, which strings together 10 interlocking scenes that capture a pair of lovers just prior to or immediately following intense but all-too-brief sexual intimacy. One character from each scene carries on into the next until a full dramatic circle is completed.

The film also stars Audra McDonald, Martha Plimpton, T. R. Knight and Rumer Willis and follows 10 lost souls across 10 periods in New York City history.

Reviews for the film were mixed. Andy Webster at The New York Times wrote:

“The movie benefits from Austin Schmidt’s neon-infused cinematography and Annie Simeone’s lush production design. But Mr. LaChiusa’s songs largely fail to resonate here. Dramatic traction suffers, probably as a result of the many, and diffuse, vignettes. And yet this is a commendably audacious effort by Mr. Gustafson (“Were the World Mine”). The movie musical needs more ambitious creators like him.”

While Frank Scheck from The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

“But the performers’ fine acting and vocal efforts (the film is almost entirely sung-through) are not enough to compensate for the vacuousness of the material. What worked fairly well onstage feels contrived and artificial onscreen, with the intended titillation coming across as merely silly. And while LaChiusa’s diversely styled score has been widely lauded over the years, to these ears (and I suspect, many others) it sounds wan and unmemorable.”


To see the Cheyenne Jackson ass pics and video, head here.

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