‘Fire Island’ Star Cheyenne Parker Gets Down and Dirty on the Beach (NSFW)

‘Fire Island’ Star Cheyenne Parker Gets Down and Dirty on the Beach (NSFW)

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Everybody has an opinion about Fire Island, and one of ours is that cast member Cheyenne Parker is very, very hot.

Cheyenne Parker is pursuing a career as a creative designer, entrepreneur and a model. “It looks like Cheyenne already has a company called Maison Parker in the works. It’s unclear what this project is all about right now though,” Bustle points out.

His bio on Logo’s website reads: ” He is committed to expanding the Cheyenne Parker ‘brand.’ He boasts a huge social media following, a hot body, and a temperament that does not back down.”

Parker and the rest of the cast of Fire Island responded to critics at the red carpet premiere, telling The Advocate they’re not harming anyone. “I find it kind of ironic that we’re trying to build each other up within the gay community [and we receive that kind of criticism],” said Parker. “Regardless of what we’re doing, we’re not harming anyone. And I would never have played a part in something like that.”

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“I’m so happy and so proud of this project, and so confident in it,” Parker continues. “I’ve seen a couple episodes, and I’m like, living, it’s great.”

Based in Los Angeles, Parker has quite the sensual body and he knows how to use it. His Instagram is flooded on daily basis with shirtless pics, and he is definitely comfortable in front of the camera.

Take a look at these 8 sensual photos of Cheyenne Parker: