Chick-fil-Antigay Donations

Chick-fil-Antigay Donations

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anti-gay, donations, anti-gay companyFast food chain, Chick-fil-A makes tasty chicken sandwiches, we know (The pickles!). But one secret ingredient that won’t have you gay blog readers licking your fingers is the company’s hatred for the gays. Yup, this company is rabidly homophobic.

Chick-fil-A is sponsoring a series of anti-gay conferences called “The Art of Marriage” in Pennsylvania. And by sponsoring, we mean using your lunch money to fund lectures about how you are going to hell for being such an immoral, little sinner.

This isn’t the first time Chick-fil-A has tossed their waffle fries money in the ring against you. In 2009 the food court fixture donated funds to antigay group, Focus On the Family.

Take your dollars elsewhere, boys and girls.

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