Chinese Gays Crash Kissing Competition

Chinese Gays Crash Kissing Competition

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Brave gay and lesbian couples crashed a kissing competition in Beijing on Valentine’s Day to raise awareness about China’s less than ideal LGBT rights. In case you haven’t heard, China is not so big on freedom of the press or free dissemination of information. The Kiss-in organizers, perhaps not taking too kindly to having their straights-only event co-opted by the gays, cancelled the event just moments before it was set to begin.

Their reason? Lack of participants. Um, it looks like there are plenty of people kissing in the video below. They’re just gay.

It takes some serious wontons to protest the inequalities LGBT citizens are facing in China, and we commend our brothers and sisters half a world a way for their peaceful (and incredibly impactful) protest. Keep up the good work, and keep those smooches coming!

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What do you think of these cute Chinese couples locking lips for gay rights?

Via Shanghaiist

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