Chinese LGBTQ Students Face Violence, Sexual Harassment and Neglect

Chinese LGBTQ Students Face Violence, Sexual Harassment and Neglect

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LGBTQ students in China face bullying for their sexual orientation and gender identity, and school authorities often don’t care.

Tongyu, a lesbian rights group and Beijing, surveyed queer students in 2016. They found that over two-fifths of respondents saw bullying and violence against LGBTQ students at their schools. Of victims, 14% were sexually harassed by classmates or even school staff.

Some students transfer schools to try to escape. Others suffer in silence, or think of suicide.

Unfortunately, teachers don’t help. One student told Sixth Tone, “They don’t really care how [bullying] can hurt a student mentally. They just want to make sure you study hard and have good grades.”

Parents aren’t much help either. Homosexuality still faces heavy stigma in China, and many queer students are afraid to come out to their families.

Shang Shaohua of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference called for teachers to be trained on gender and LGBTQ diversity in order to prevent on-campus violence.

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