This Chinese Sex Education Book Teaches Children About Homosexuality

This Chinese Sex Education Book Teaches Children About Homosexuality

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A Chinese sex education textbook is causing a stir for its realistic illustrations and its accepting view of homosexuality.

The book features graphic cartoons and diagrams showing human genitalia. It also addresses homosexuality.

In one page, a pair of students ask their teacher about homosexuality. The teacher replies (translated by Manya Koetse of What’s on Weibo), “The majority of people are heterosexual, but there are also some people who feel attracted to the same sex. This is a completely normal phenomenon. We can’t discriminate against them.”

It’s a wonderfully progressive move in a country where homosexuality is still highly stigmatized and pornography is banned.

The book also talks about the problem of sexual harassment, promotes gender equality and teaches acceptance of people who live alone.

Unsurprisingly, the book has caused a controversy in China. What’s on Weibo reports that some commenters have called it “vulgar” and “pornographic.” But many others hail it as a wonderful sign of progress.

The book is published by Beijing Normal University and is used in at least 13 schools in Beijing.


(Header image via What’s on Weibo)

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