Hot Chinese Olympic Swimmer Ning Zetao Was Thrown Off the National Team for Selling Milk

Unbelievably gorgeous Chinese Olympic Swimmer Ning Zetao was thrown off the national team for signing an unauthorized sponsorship deal.

Shanghaiist reports that a leaked government memo states that Ning was charged with three violations: failing to participate in a relay, disobeying competition rules, and working as an unauthorized spokesman.

In January, Ning signed a 10 million yuan deal with Adidas. Last year, he signed a deal with Chinese milk brand Yili, and was nearly banned from the Rio Olympics as a result. Yili is a rival corporation to the team’s official sponsor, China Mengniu Dairy.

But Ning got into Rio anyway, thank God, because that’s where he won a gold medal and graced the world with his amazing good looks.

(via Weibo)
(via Weibo)

Being a Chinese athlete is grueling. Athletes are snatched up when they’re still children and put in isolated camps where they train nonstop. Some suffer injuries from overtraining. Their educations are neglected, so many of them end up poor or even after their athletic careers fizzle out. It’s understandable that after all that, Ning would want a big fat cash reward.

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