Chris Donaghue Is Amber Rose’s Go-To Sex Doctor, and He’s a Badass

Chris Donaghue Is Amber Rose’s Go-To Sex Doctor, and He’s a Badass

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The word “radical” has a bad rap these days. It’s the go-to adjective in the wake of a terrorist attack — police hunt for clues to confirm that perpetrators became radicalized at an extremist mosque where they plotted a suicide bombing. It’s an election-season slur used to bury political foes — the other candidate’s radical past will make him an unstable president who might put the very future of the world at stake.

But when clinical sexologist, therapist, author and Loveline with Amber Rose co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue says it, there’s no hostility, negativity or fear. Instead, there’s reverence, respect and wonder. On Donaghue’s lips, radical is a holy philosophy and the cornerstone of his work, which is nothing short of a calling.

Draping his body across an armchair at a coffee bar on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Donaghue looks less like an individual who’s earned two PhDs and more like a tattoo artist who spent his 20s running with rockers and models. While he has never given, only received, tattoos — his first at the age of 16 while a Jesuit high school student in the early ’90s — the latter isn’t far from the truth.

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