We’re Mesmerized By Shirtless Chris Hemsworth’s Sweaty Workout (Video)

We’re Mesmerized By Shirtless Chris Hemsworth’s Sweaty Workout (Video)

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Chris Hemsworth working out is the only video you never knew you needed.

Hemsworth has the body of a God. He has one of those physiques with huge pulsating muscles that make every gay boy swoon. Thankfully for us, he has no problem showing it off.

In a new video on his Instagram, the Thor star shares his sweaty workout with followers. During the one-minute clip, you get the idea of how much work it takes to look that good. And we’re not complaining at all.

Hemsworth also paid tribute to his trainer Luke Zocchi from Zoco Body Pro, whom Hemsworth dubbed “a flat-out legend.”

Watch sweaty and shirtless Chris Hemsworth working out below:

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