Chris Pratt Nude: His ‘Passengers’ Shower Scene Shows Off an Interstellar Butt (Photos)

Chris Pratt Nude: His ‘Passengers’ Shower Scene Shows Off an Interstellar Butt (Photos)

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When Chris Pratt starred in the 2016 sci-fi film Passengers, a handful of critics panned the film for its creepy “romantic” premise. In the film, Pratt plays Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer who prematurely wakes up from a 120-year stasis sleep aboard a 5,000 passenger spaceship voyaging towards an Earth-like planet. The voyage has 88 years left and, as the only person awake on the entire ship, Preston contemplates suicide before deciding to wake up another passenger, Aurora Lane, a lovely female passenger played by Jennifer Lawrence. By waking Lane up, Preston basically condemns her — without her consent — to a life at his side.

The film shows them eventually falling in love, but many critics still disapproved of the creepy, non-consensual setup. You can decide how you feel about it while watching Passenger‘s eye-popping trailer below:

No matter your feel, the film did at least feature Pratt in a brief nude shower scene; a real treat for fans of the Parks and Recreation actor who famously beefed up for his sci-fi action role as Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Shots of Chris Pratt nude in Passengers just hit the web, so let’s enjoy:

Pratt would totally feel okay with you objectifying him, by the way; he once told the BBC’s Radio 4 that we need more male objectification in order to create true equality between the sexes. So you looking at his butt actually helps feminism … or something.

He’s definitely a fine piece of eye-candy; not that it justifies his character’s actions, but he’s at least sexy enough to make us consider spending 88 years with.

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