Our Favorite Drag Terrorist, CHRISTEENE, Is Proof That Queer Culture Still Has Edge

Our Favorite Drag Terrorist, CHRISTEENE, Is Proof That Queer Culture Still Has Edge

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There’s just something about CHRISTEENE (yes, in all caps).

Described as a “human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality” and “a gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk fully equipped with an arsenal of ferocious music intertwined with raw moments of strained intimacy and fiery stank,” CHRISTEENE has become a legend of queer culture around the world.

She’s toured extensively — both nationally and internationally — for the past several years as well as supported Faith No More and Peaches on their world tours. Based in Austin, Texas, CHRISTEENE is a staple at that city’s SXSW, and her music videos have been showcased at the Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, NYC Rooftop Films, CFMDC’s Queer City Cinema’s Tour “Wide Open Wide” and Homo-a-go-go to name just a few acclaimed events.

Back in January she even made our list of 100 LGBTs to look out for this year. And by “look out for,” we mean you should watch your back and make sure she isn’t about to mug you. We love this one so much that we wish she’d walk into the workroom of RuPaul’s Drag Race one of these days -— but sadly it’s doubtful such a notion would ever come to fruition.

We chatted with the human pissoir before she comes to Joe’s Pub in New York City tonight. Paul Soileau, the man behind the creation, insisted it was an interview not with him but with the one and only CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE, what can people expect from your show tonight at Joe’s Pub?

I usually tell peeple too expect nuthin an brang every fukkin thang dey got inside uh them.

I previously said I think you should be on the next season of Drag Race. What’s your opinion of the show?

iz good dat lil kids can see deez ugly cray wig wearin ladymen on da tv. Iz good dat momma an daddy gotta explain deezz fukked up peeple on da tv butt i not one to think dat competition an bein told how too doo sumthin right or wrong or how tooo dress diz or dat Iz da way tooo go wit discoverin ur special inner abilities u know?

How has drag culture shifted the last few years?

Iz all over da fukkin teevee

Do you think society is too politically correct, or do you think we still have a ways to go?

diz Iz uh very broad ask. I think wee got wurd police now an dey young an dey many times don’t know therr history b4 they go screamin n shuttin shit down…in da homo society dat Iz. Toooo many faggots fightin each other over our own words. Politically? I gave up on politics in November.

You told me you have some new music coming out.

Diz new album Iz cummin out oh so soon an Iz such a special baybeee too mee an Iz produced by uh wonderful freak named Peter Stopchinski an Iz like I went too sum outer space back roooom wit drugz I ain’t ever heard of before an it wuz made because folks donated an helped mee make it an I luv dem ferr dat so hard. Big shit Iz cummin hard buckle ur dick up.

You walk into a bar and Donald Trump is sitting there next to a Russian hooker. What do you say to them?

id piss in my pants rub it on his leg an take da hand of da nice worker an leave

Do you think queer culture has lost its edge?

it hasn’t I’m here ain’t i?


CHRISTEENE plays Joe’s Pub on Friday, August 11, 9:30 pm. For tickets, head here.

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