CHRISTEENE’s Latest Video is About Cruising for Sex in Public Toilets (And It’s Queer AF)

CHRISTEENE’s Latest Video is About Cruising for Sex in Public Toilets (And It’s Queer AF)

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Austin-based, self-proclaimed “drag terrorist” CHRISTEENE just released the new music video for her latest song, “Aktion Toilet.” The new CHRISTEENE music video has everything you’ve come to expect from her wild and raunchy performances: dancing men in panties, genderqueers smeared in day-glo makeup, big tittied co-joined twins painted head to toe and a shot of CHRISTEENE bent over and smacking her b-hole.

You’re welcome.

If you’ve missed out on CHRISTEENE’s antics so far, here’s a quick primer: She came to life around 2008 as a shock act at a queer open mic night in Austin. Sometime afterwards, she released a music video for her first single “Fixx my Dick” (a song about finding a man to “eat my dirty shame”). In May 2012, she released her first album Waste Up, Kneez Down, a dance-electronic album with such hits as “Tropical Abortion” and “Tears From My Pussy.”

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In her international live shows, she wears torn pllowcase dresses and pantyhose, her dingy panties stiffening from the sweat and bruise makeup caking her thighs. She and her backup dancers prance around onstage, writhing and gyrating to her dirt-nasty beats — at least one time she ate chocolate pudding out of her dancer’s butt. Another time, a front-row audience member rimmed her in the middle of a chorus.

Here’s the new CHRISTEENE music video for “Aktion Toilet”:

In her recent interview with Dazed, writer Jake Hall mentions that “Aktion Toilet” “pays homage to the lost days of cruising and anonymous sex through depictions of ‘sacred cults of mystics and pervs.’”

Of the new CHRISTEENE music video, CHRISTEENE said:

The idea came about a few years ago when I was talking to C-Baby, my dancer, about those old chat rooms where you could go online and find your particular flavour. It would be in the woods, or some Home Depot bathroom, but that’s not around now like it used to be. Apps have made it like a Sears catalogue: you flick through, play quick and then go home. So the spark of ‘Aktion Toilet’ was those hideaway places, but as I wrote it evolved into those places becoming more magical, otherworldly; the places you go not only to find people to fuck around with, but also to deal with the heavy shit that’s going on in the world right now. It might be a toilet, and there’s always action in it!

“Aktion Toilet” is only the latest of her numerous music videos made by Trinidad director PJ Raval: there’s also the heartfelt “Tears from My Pussy”, the spastic Panda-sex of “Slowly/Easy”, her pro-anal sex anthem “Bustin’ Brown” and the legendary “African Mayonnaise” which shows CHRISTEENE and her backup dancers getting kicked out of various Austin businesses.

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