The Real ‘War on Christmas’ Is This $149 Trump Ornament

The Real ‘War on Christmas’ Is This $149 Trump Ornament

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It seems we can’t take even one step outside our dark blue, liberal bubbles—you know, the coasts, Chicago and parts of Colorado and New Mexico—without running into those damn red baseball caps. “Make America Great Again” has become something of a virus afflicting the country’s conservative block, and Donald Trump is patient zero. With Christmas quickly approaching, we feel the need to warn you: It’s possible your Republican folks are going to have a nice little present waiting for you on their tree this year.

Trump isn’t about to stop raising funds from his constituents, hence this amazing, excellent, nothing-like-it (we can’t call it yuge) “Make America Great Again” ornament, on sale just in time for the holidays on Trump’s website. The only rub: You’ve got to shell out some serious dough to call this puppy your own, as it sells for $149. And as The Week points out, that’s actually a bargain, since it’s going for $250 on Amazon!

As if the ornament wasn’t already a hoot and a half, the description running with it is a gem: “President-elect Trump loves Christmas and makes a point of proudly saying ‘Merry Christmas’ every chance he gets.

What a schmuck, right?


(h/t Joe.My.God)

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