15 Sexy Shots From the Chulo Underwear Fashion Show in New York City

Chulo Underwear had its official New York Fashion Week show and fundraiser,”A New Day,” on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at The Ritz Bar and Lounge. The “cultural clothing line donates its profits to local community and scholarship programs that help marginalized young people.”

The evening was a celebration of culture and charity with celebrity models, guest performers, a raffle, vendors, community activists and two runway shows.

The opening show featured vintage cultural looks reclaimed and reconfigured for “a new day.” Chulo claims to “promote recycling and repurposing, so that new beauty can be rediscovered in the old.”

Harmonica Sunbeam and Bella Noche co-hosted the evening.

The main show featured sexy models of Chulo Underwear slaying the runway in the brand’s latest looks and a few classics that celebrate “a new day” just around the corner. Model Myles Wyatt Clohessy walked the runway and lent his generous support to the night’s fundraising efforts.

Here are 15 sexy shots from the Chulo Underwear show:

Photography by Jeff Eason (Wilsonmodels)

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