Church Choir Makes Singers Sign Anti-Gay Contract

Church Choir Makes Singers Sign Anti-Gay Contract

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Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral doesn’t want no stinkin’ homosexuals singing in its choir. So much so in fact that the church has members sign a contract, the “Crystal Cathedral Worship Choir and Worship Team Covenant,” which requires choir members to follow the Bible in every way just the selectively homophobic ways the church decides are worth following.

Long-time members of the church are said to be deeply disturbed by their church’s Us vs. Them strategy. The covenant reads:

“I understand that in an era where images of family relationship and personal sexuality are often confused, Crystal Cathedral Ministries believes that it is important to teach and model the biblical view,” the covenant reads. “I understand that Crystal Cathedral Ministries teaches that sexual intimacy is intended by God to only be within the bonds of marriage, between one man and one woman.”

The church claims the contract is not to be used to ban gays from singing in the church choir, but to…um…just let them know that they aren’t welcome.

Mercury News reports:

Ann Moore Waltz, a longtime church member and former choir member, said she does not agree with the statement in the covenant.

“If I were still in the choir and if that was presented to me, and if a gay person had walked out, I would have walked out with him or her,” she told the Register. “If you are a Christian group and people come to you, you should be a good servant, love them and shine the light of Jesus on them—regardless of who they are.”

Don Neuen, the cathedral’s longtime choir director, left the church last year because he disagreed with Gretchen Schuller Penner’s view that choir members should be “vetted” to make sure they are good Christians, the Register reported.

Penner is a producer for the cathedral’s “Hour of Power” program, broadcast to audiences worldwide.

Larry LaBonte, a church member for more than three decades, said he disagreed with the clause in the covenant with regard to homosexuality as well.

As they should!

It’s worth noting that Crystal Cathedral filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last October, and owes more than $43 Million in debts. Now we’re not suggesting that God doesn’t approve of how this church is running its business. Except that, oh snap, we just did.

Via Mercury News

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