This Church Promises to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality Through 3 Days of Prayer and Starvation

This Church Promises to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality Through 3 Days of Prayer and Starvation

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The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Liverpool, England offers a three-day program to “cure” people of homosexuality. It involves “relentless” prayer sessions lasting three hours each and absolute fasting with no water or food allowed for 72 hours.

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An undercover reporter with The Echo privately consulted with the church’s assistant pastor, “Brother Michael,” who told him that being gay is “biologically wrong,” a “deceit of Satan” and people only claim to be gay to get “gay ‘celebrity’ status.” He also said that the church’s program could “allow him to marry and have children.”

Brother Michael said that fasting would humble the reporter’s soul, but did not offer any physical or medical examination before participants start the fast. He also suggested that the reporter stay at the church for the duration of the program.

When the reported asked the church’s pastor, Dr. Desmond Sanusi, about the church’s conversion therapy program, Sanusi said that Brother Michael had acted outside of his Sanusi’s guidance and yet, in 20 years of running similar programs, “nobody has dropped dead.”

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What happens to the body after three days of no water and food?

While some people undergo fasts that last longer than three days, the fasts typically involve water ingestion to help the body maintain other functions like bloodflow and evacuating waste. Medical professionals suggest consulting a doctor before any fast to understand its potential impact on the body, especially for people with diabetes or other special nutritional needs.

After two or three days without food, the body starts breaking down the body’s fatty acids to get energy from ketone bodies. Soon after, the body begins breaking down muscles for energy.

Even though some humans can survive about 8 to ten days without water, after three days without water, the body’s hydration levels become so low that it can affect bloodflow, causing blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels.

In short, The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries’ ex-gay conversion program could cure you of being gay…. by killing you altogether.



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