Cindy Jacobs Blames Japanese Tsunami on DADT Repeal

Cindy Jacobs Blames Japanese Tsunami on DADT Repeal

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Remember Cindy Jacobs? She’s the religious wingnut who blamed the deaths of all of those birds a few months back on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Because thaaaat’s how the world works.

Homegirl is at it again, this time blaming the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster on gays being allowed in the military. To which we must respond with the fact that the repeal of DADT doesn’t allow gays to now serve in the military. They’ve been there all along, fool. They just weren’t allowed to say they were gay.

I can’t believe I’m arguing logic with this woman though. Just watch in horror for yourself.

What do you think of Jacob’s insensitive and bigoted argument?

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