Clinic Compare Presents: The Top Celebrity Body Plastic Surgery Requests

Clinic Compare Presents: The Top Celebrity Body Plastic Surgery Requests

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Vanity knows no bounds. Which explains why plastic surgery turned out to be one of the only recession-proof industries in recent years. Sculpting, sucking, and reshaping is big business, and not just for the Heidi Montags and – Eek! – Carrot Tops of the world. More than 3 million Americans went under the knife in search of a better body last year, and hundreds of thousands of those patients were men.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but how would you feel if someone payed to have your face sculpted onto their body? If you’re as creeped out as we are by the thought, relax, because chances are nobody is walking around wearing a brand new version of your face. It turns out most people seeking celeb-inspired surgeries are citing the very same famous features as their goal.

Women overwhelmingly seek Angelina Jolie’s lips and Jennifer Lopez’s rump. A little less obvious, but still not surprising are requests for Giselle Bundchens belly and Nicole Kidman’s nose. Julia Roberts’ smile still reigns supreme for the ladies. (Sidenote, whatever her veneers cost, Hilary Duff didn’t get her money’s worth. Poor thing!)

Pamela Anderson shows up on two lists for the same two body parts. Pammy tops the list of breast requests, even as she simultaneously holds the number one spot for boobs women absolutely do NOT want their breasts to look like. Talk about dominating in her field!

For the fellas, the usual suspects dominate. George Clooney and Brad Pitt practically tie for number one nose and chin, but Pitt edges him out for those sought after Fight Club abs. David Beckham’s muscular legs are a winner, as is…wait for it…Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest.

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