‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community

‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community

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Transgender, cisgender, homosexual and bisexual—no, we’re not listing people at a bar in the West Village. Those are listing real terms and labels used to identify the very diverse parts of our community. Well, it looks like a group of internet trolls have created a new term to upset social justice warriors and mock LGBTQs.

Last week, individuals began identifying as “clovergender.” The term began being used to identify children who are trapped in the bodies of adults. They are calling for acceptance of this new identity, comparing it as an equivalent to being transgender. They are also claiming that because they are children trapped in the bodies of adults, it is OK for them to have relationships with children.

Disgusting, right?

A few Facebook pages were started last week, including this one:

The page is still being updated:

There are also a few accounts on Twitter:

4chan is an image message board that allows for anonymous posting. “A lot of memes come out of there, but unfortunately, a lot of messed up shit comes out of there, too,” Unicorn Booty‘s R.S. Benedict explains.

On Dec. 31, these messages were posted on 4chan:


Snopes wrote:

Concurrent threads discussed building upon the non-existent gender identity to further agitate and aggravate the individuals targeted by the prank. The underlying intent of the clovergender hoax appeared to be undermining the legitimacy of transgender identity, by suggesting its existence enabled anyone to normalize any behavior or trait (even the most taboo practices) as a “gender.” The hoax is apparently part of a years-long tradition on the part of 4chan and 8chan to dupe the media and social media with fantastical claims of non-existent trends and events.

As a result, many people seeing these posts are not aware that they’re fake. Hopefully, Facebook and Twitter shuts these accounts down, since they’re the main way people are finding out about this propaganda used to hurt our community.

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