Anderson Cooper on the CNN Anchor Who Lit a Joint on NYE: ‘The Whole Thing Surprised Me’

Anderson Cooper on the CNN Anchor Who Lit a Joint on NYE: ‘The Whole Thing Surprised Me’

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Anderson Cooper appeared on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Tuesday where he dished about the marijuana segment that left smoke signals on the CNN NYE telecast. “First of all, it’s legal in Colorado. We are grown adults and she did not smoke obviously,” the CNN anchor said of Randi Kaye’s broadcast. “The whole thing surprised me as much as anyone else.”

Cooper responded to the controversy surrounding the network airing a segment on New Year’s Eve in which reporter Kaye was shown holding a lit marijuana joint while at a party in Colorado.

Colbert next joked, asking whether Cooper finds the quick legalization spread surprising, to which he joked, “Not really. Think about California. I mean it makes sense.” Cooper then joked that it would be more shocking if pot were legal in South Carolina where Colbert is from. The Late Show host responded that it might be for medicinal reasons. “I got some glaucoma coming on hard, on vacation, just for Christmas vacation.”

What Cooper didn’t address was Andy Cohen’s pitch poor performance co-hosting the CNN NYE telecast. Viewers took to social media to vocalize that they weren’t impressed with Cohen’s appearance alongside Cooper on CNN’s NYE telecast. Cohen rather controversially replaced Kathy Griffin after CNN decided to ditch the female comic because of her Trump photo faux pas.

On Tuesday night, Cooper did reveal that he turned Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson onto his gym.

“My gym cred has skyrocketed because people at my gym know I got the Rock to come to the gym,” Cooper proudly said, after recalling mentioning his gym to the actor, who was failing to find a New York gym to his liking. “If the Rock is there, isn’t it his gym?” Colbert teasingly asked Cooper, only for the CNN anchor to agree.

Watch the full interview below.

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