Reviews Are In, and People Aren’t Impressed With Andy Cohen on CNN’s NYE Telecast

Reviews Are In, and People Aren’t Impressed With Andy Cohen on CNN’s NYE Telecast

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The reviews are in and people aren’t happy. Viewers took to social media to vocalize that they weren’t impressed at all with Andy Cohen’s appearance alongside his bestie Anderson Cooper on CNN’s NYE telecast.

Cohen, rather controversially replaced Kathy Griffin after CNN decided to hack the female comic because of her Trump photo faux pas.

Here’s what people had to say:

Considering they are best friends, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have absolutely zero chemistry. Anderson seems like he wants to be anywhere but Times Square. #CNNNYE – Sidney Joel Stokes

Someone please bring back @kathygriffin to #CNNNYE! This shit is boring AF & I’m sick of hearing Andy promote the damn housewives. Sorry, but Kathy & Anderson were perfection.- Sabina M.

Seriously lacking Griffin-ness. Ugh. Painful. Don’t even know this Andy guy, kinda lame and lotta not funny. Bummer. No repeats, please. #CNNNYE – Karen Clark

Andy doesn’t seem to be too funny. He’s only good at reigning in angry housewives in a reunion show. They should’ve kept Kathy or promoted or next to Anderson.  – Chris Hickey 

One example of how awkward things got was when Nicole Kidman shaded the WWHL host for asking her a rather silly question.

After asking Kidman and her husband Keith Urban about her award ceremony clapping, the Oscar-winning actress replied, “I wish that there was more important things to be concerned about or that people were focused on more important things than that sort of clapping. That’s what I would say.”

Many people commented that Cohen used the CNN NYE telecast to push his Real Housewives agenda, mentioning them countless times through out the duration of the night. 

Is this a NYE show or the @Andy housewives promo..#CNNNYE – Vince

How many times is the “Housewives” going to be mentioned tonight? #CNNNYE – Amparo Sánchez‏ 

Kathy Griffin was rather silent on Twitter last night, only sharing some weird videos of her and her mother with two puppies. She must have received an outpouring of love because she did tweet: “Thank you for all the kind tweets. Happy New Year!”

Up until last night, Cohen and Griffin engaged in a public catfight over the New Year’s Eve hosting snub. First, Cohen pretended he didn’t even know who Griffin was when asked by TMZ about replacing her on CNN’s NYE telecast. Then, in retaliation, Griffin released a video where she accused Cohen of offering her cocaine before her two appearances on his talkshow. She also said that Cohen wanted to be her, imitating her jokey red carpet interviews, giving himself his own talk show on Bravo at a time when she had sought one and generally being a horrible boss during their time working together.

Should be interesting to see what happens next year but we have a feeling we won’t be seeing Cohen joining Cooper. Will CNN invite Griffin back? We have a whole year to speculate.

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