Cole Sprouse Eats His Meat Sensually in New Netflix ‘Riverdale’ Promo

Cole Sprouse Eats His Meat Sensually in New Netflix ‘Riverdale’ Promo

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Ladies and gentlemen, you can put down that Gatorade because Cole Sprouse is here to quench your thirsty selves. In honor of Riverdale‘s soon-to-be availability on the website, Sprouse teamed up with Netflix to create one steamy, meaty promo.

While Riverdale has had its ups (super hot gay makeout scenes) and its downs (erasing Jughead’s asexuality), one thing fans have noticed in the shift from comic to television is a severe lack of burgers being eaten. Specifically by Sprouse’s character Jughead, who in the comics consumes burgers at a voracious rate. Even the Riverdale porn parody let Jughead chow down on a burger before his meat was used in a very different way.

Netflix finally came to the rescue in their new ad by allowing us all to gaze at Cole Sprouse masticating his burger for an entire minute. Enjoy.

And as you probably guessed, the internet went wild.

Cole eventually joined in on the social media fun.

Fans were also quick to point out that Jughead did actually get to enjoy a burger (though not as lovingly) in the season finale.

Which led one Tumblr user to round up every single time Jughead ate from the entire season because why not.

In conclusion, even when Cole Sprouse is eating a burger…

And in case you haven’t reached your hot-guy-eating-food-and-turning-you-on quota for the day, you can always watch Gus Kenworthy suck on a hot dog.


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