Coming Out Isn’t Always Easy, as Seen in This New Video From the Star of ‘Haters Back Off’

Coming Out Isn’t Always Easy, as Seen in This New Video From the Star of ‘Haters Back Off’

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YouTuber and Netflix series Haters Back Off star Colleen Ballinger sat down with her best friend Kory DeSoto to remember the night he came out to her.

The pair hadn’t retold the story since it happened because it was such a painful memory for them both.

“It was an emotional, rough night,” admits Ballinger.  “Kory is a big inspiration to me. He was really brave to come out when he did, in the situation we were in. I feel like this story is really inspiring.”

She remembers: “It was the saddest conversation I have ever had with you because I could tell it didn’t matter what I said to you in that moment. You felt like you were a bad person for being gay. I knew no matter how many times I said, ‘I love you’ or ‘I love you for who you are, it doesn’t matter to me if you’re gay or not gay or anything.’ I remember feeling there is nothing I can say to this guy in this moment that it’s OK to be gay. I knew you hated yourself in that moment and it was gut wrenching. And we just sat in the car and cried.”

DeSoto next gives his perspective on the night’s event, and why he was nervous to come out to his best friend.  He already began to lose many friends as people started discovering his sexuality, and he thought Ballinger would be next to leave.

He says: “Everyone in that department who loved me, who thought I was this wonderful great, actor who was going to do brilliant immediately thought I was a horrible piece of sinful trash. Friends I had been friends with for the whole four years were gone. People today who still will not talk to me, who called me their brother. Just because I was gay.”

“So telling my best friend in the whole world that I was gay was one of the hardest things in the whole world.”I thought it was going to be the end. I thought Colleen was like everyone else and thought it was a huge awful sin.”

Ballinger ends the video explaining why she thinks DeSoto’s story is important for viewers.  “I think its important for people to hear stories like yours because it’s not always easy. It might be hard and it might suck but there are people who will accept you and love you.”

Watch Colleen Ballinger’s emotional video here:

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