college republican
college republican

College Republican Cries Persecution, and Queer Twitter Shuts Her Down

A college Republican complained of political person because she was afraid her classmates would criticize her. And queer Twitter users dragged her to hell.

The Tweet

Like many campus conservatives, this young woman was finding herself increasingly isolated due to her political beliefs. She couldn’t stand it. Being stigmatized for being different is really stressful, it turns out.

So she took to Twitter to complain about her plight:

Unfortunately for her, she did not find a sympathetic audience.

 The Response

Michelle got a low of blowback from many different people, but LGBTQ Twitter users really shredded her.

They put her fears in perspective:

They reminded her what her party actually stands for:

Queer allies had some words for her, too:

Will it have any effect on Michelle? Will it open her eyes to the harm her party causes vulnerable people?

Probably not.

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