Gordon Klingenschmitt ban gays from teaching
Gordon Klingenschmitt ban gays from teaching

Colorado Republican Wants to Ban Gays from Teaching

On an episode of his Pray in Jesus Name show, Colorado State Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt said he wants to ban gays from teaching “because of their immorality.”

Klingenschmitt also pushed the oft-debunked myth that gays are all pedophiles, and said that gays “are unfit to be a good example to little children.”

His monologue got even weirder. He suggested that gay teachers would plant “a demonic spirit” in children that would grow into “abuse and sin.” For these reasons, he said, we need laws to prevent gays from working as teachers.

Unfortunately, Klingenschmitt is a lawmaker, which means he has the power to try to put his toxic beliefs into actions.

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