Colton Haynes Bottoms Yet Again on ‘AHS: Cult’ and We’re Both Turned On and Weirded Out

Colton Haynes Bottoms Yet Again on ‘AHS: Cult’ and We’re Both Turned On and Weirded Out

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When we first found out that openly gay actor Colton Haynes would be playing Detective Jack Samuels in Season 7 of Ryan Murphy’s kitchen sink horror anthology series American Horror Story: Cult, we had no idea his role would be so overtly sexual.

Two weeks ago, Haynes’ character had sex with the character played by comedian Billy Eichner and this week Detective Samuels had sex with another male character (the cult leader Kai Anderson, played by Evan Peters) as well as a female character (Kai’s sister Winter, played by Billie Lourd).

Before we go any further, here are two clips from the scene which show Detective Samuels kissing Kai and then being topped by him (the second clip is somewhat NSFW):

Well, that escalated quickly!

So, to provide some context beyond OMG SO HOTTTT, in this episode, Kai decides to hold an informal sexual “ceremony” of sorts in order to impregnate his sister Winter with the Messiah. We’re not entirely clear why he thinks that Detective Samuels should be the one to father the Messiah, but whatever. Kai then has Samuels mount his sister while Kai tops Samuels from behind in a kinky semi-incestual threesome.

Until now, Winter has endured her brother’s increasingly humiliating and rapey advances, even trying to shoot him at one point. But now she seems resigned to playing along with his maniacal schemes.

The entire scenario makes us a bit uncomfortable, especially considering all of the sexual assault allegations currently circulating around Hollywood, but American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy enjoys delving into potentially controversial material with mixed results.

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More interesting is the idea that Haynes’ character is a bisexual bottom. He may well be the first bisexual bottom we’ve ever seen in a major TV series, and trust us, we keep tabs on bisexual TV characters.

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