Columbus and Nashville Have an Anti-Gay Hate Crime Problem

Columbus and Nashville Have an Anti-Gay Hate Crime Problem

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In two unrelated incidents, gay men were attacked unprovoked in Columbus and Nashville.


The Tennessean reports:

Francisco Montes, 24, had been out dancing with his roommate at both Play and Canvas Lounge when he decided it was time to go home, he said.

“I didn’t see them,” Montes said. “I didn’t even know where they were coming from until they shouted, ‘Faggot!’ behind me. Then they just attacked me.”

He said when he turned around, all he saw was a fist. He fell to the ground and eventually blacked out.


LGBTQ Nation writes:

California transplants Bryson Beier and Mantej Sandhu were walking home via an alley just after 2 a.m. They moved to Columbus just a week and a half ago and say they chose their neighborhood specifically because they felt it would be welcoming.  That feeling has evaporated.

Sandhu said it started when they heard four or five men, who were walking to a car, yell slurs at them.

“They just started saying like ‘faggot’ to us and stuff like that, and we were like what? And just kept walking. And they were like, ‘God hates fags,” said Sandhu. “Then all of the sudden a bottle gets thrown at us. And they were saying, ‘You’re going to hell,’ and all that stuff. We at that point stopped, turned around, we took a photo of the license plate.”

That’s when Sandhu said a second car of four or five men pulled up, and they came under attack from as many as ten men.

The police are investigating both incidents but have not yet officially designated either a hate crime.

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