Comedian Amputee Wants You To Play ‘Guess The Celebrity’ With Her Leg Stump

Comedian Amputee Wants You To Play ‘Guess The Celebrity’ With Her Leg Stump

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Comedian, performer, and poet Jackie Hagan (aka @StumpGirl) wants to play a game with you! You see, she had her lower left leg amputated because of some blood clots about a year ago, and now she’s reclaiming the experience by touring a one-woman show called Some People Have Too Many Legs and by dressing up her stump as different celebrities so social media followers can guess who it is.

As for her show she says, “It’s a show about growing up and learning how to cope. And falling in love in awkward circumstances and loss and how sometimes you can get a lot from it. And it’s about how you can be optimistic and glittery without disposing of your wit or intellect.”

She continues, “I found out that soon as you become disabled you get called brave every five minutes for doing anything, for making some toast… and it is a bit offensive because it is patronizing. But I quite like compliments, so I’ve had to think. And my position is, ‘How dare you call me brave, but thanks for noticing. I am rather, aren’t I?’”

Now let’s play “Guess The Celebrity Stump”! Three of her most recent dress-ups are below. You can enter in your official guess on her Twitter account.


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