conversion therapy ban
conversion therapy ban

A Gay Connecticut Lawmaker Just Introduced a Bill to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

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On Monday, Connecticut lawmakers introduced a bill to ban gay conversion therapy. The bill was introduced by Sen. Beth Bye and Rep. Jeff Currey, who is openly gay.

“As a gay youth and as a gay adult for that matter, never was I broken nor needed to be fixed,” Currey said at a news conference reported in WFSB. “Being gay is not a disease, therefore it does not require a cure.”

The bill has some bipartisan support as well. It’s co-sponsored by a half-dozen GOP legislators, according to the CT Mirror.

The bill would ban licensed healthcare professionals from performing gay conversion therapy on minors under the age of 18.

Conversion therapy, which does not work and causes psychological damage, is banned in five states. New York proposed regulations to ban as well in February 2016.

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