Conservative Writer Flips Out over Gay-Friendly Chicken Restaurant

Conservative Writer Flips Out over Gay-Friendly Chicken Restaurant

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Raheem Kassam, editor for right-wing extremist propaganda mill Breitbart London, took to Twitter this weekend to warn the internet about a serious threat to Great Britain: inclusive, gay-friendly chicken restaurants.

Apparently, Kassam was really mad that Nando’s, a wildly popular chain of chicken restaurants, was advertising the fact that it welcomes customers of all different cultures and sexual orientations.

But if you ask him, he’ll claim he’s actually mad because Nando’s was “virtue-signaling”. Uh, Kassam, all companies signal their virtues. It’s called marketing.

Kassam also claimed that he cared about Nando’s labor practices, but he works for a company that exploits unpaid interns. So his claims are probably bullshit.

Kassam’s chicken tantrum lasted for hours. He was still tweeting about it the next day.

Poor Kassam! Like many conservatives, he worships free market capitalism but he fails to understand that diversity is good for business. Diversity means more customers; more customers mean more profits.

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