Australians Dumped Drinking a Beer Over Its Anti-Gay Bible Campaign

Australians Dumped Drinking a Beer Over Its Anti-Gay Bible Campaign

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Progressive Australian boozehounds are boycotting a beer after it appeared in a campaign promoting an anti-gay conservative Christian organization.

Coopers Beer issued special cans commemorating the 200-year anniversary of Bible Society Australia, an organization that opposes same-sex marriage. The drink also appeared in a short ad in which a conservative politician explains that working to deprive queer people of the right to get married totally isn’t bigoted, and that the gays should just stop being so grumpy about it. The video is available here.

Naturally, the nation’s progressive drinkers were not pleased. Many bars, particularly those who cater to queer clientele, announced a boycott. The 86 in Melbourne vowed to “#BoycottBibleBashingBeerBigots” on a Facebook post. And they weren’t alone:

(via Facebook)

One nightclub manager filmed himself hurling bottles of Coopers into a waste bin:

‘Keeping it light’ from Bible Society Australia on Vimeo.

And Coopers Brewery released a short video claiming that they did not approve the Bible Society’s “Keeping It Light” ad, and that the company supports marriage equality. Coopers also announced that it will cancel the release of its Bible Society commemorative cans.

If that apology’s not good enough, queer Australians could always switch to this gay dildo mimosa beer.

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