Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little Shits”; Lies About Charitable Donations

Corbin Fisher Calls Gay Teens “Thieving Little Shits”; Lies About Charitable Donations

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Another day, another foot in Corbin Fisher’s mouth. On today’s list of causes for concern, CF’s lawyer refers to gay teens as “thieving little shits” and says the company is perfectly OK with causing them harm, as well as completely making up a story about hundred of thousands of dollars in charitable donations to LGBT non-profits.

After receiving a letter from the porn studio’s legal counsel yesterday that called the company’s threat to closeted teens “laughable”, we encouraged our readers to tell the studio how they felt about the ongoing threat to sue 40,000 downloaders via IP address. The emails you forwarded back to us are shocking.

—– Forwarded Message —- From: General Counsel To: Vixen Valencia Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 4:05:07 PM Subject: Re: A Concerned Parent of A Gay Teen

Perhaps you should check your facts. Liberty Media produces straight content too. So any thieving little shit who gets caught can very easily lie to his parents that he was looking at straight porn.

Problem solved.

Go find another hobby.

—– Original Message —- From: General Counsel To: Dylan Elkhart Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 4:02:47 PM Subject: Re: Lawsuits …

You wrote: “The actions your company are making will have extensive, damaging consequences in the months and years to come.”

We hope so. That is the point. We hope to have extensive, damaging consequences visited upon people who steal our content. Of course, they can pretty easily minimize those consequences by accepting our amnesty offer. We have had hundreds of inquiries, and all those people are sleeping soundly tonight.

Furthermore, once this myth of the “gay teen crisis” arose, we actually did give a shit. We gave a shit enough to consult with a nationally-known sex therapist about it. We had him second guess our actions and we asked him for his honest opinion as to whether we were possibly creating such a problem. His answer – that if we bring in all the possible co-factors, this might cause “acting-out-behavior” in 1 in 100,000 people. So, lets take our 40,000 potential defendants. Lets cut that to how many are possibly closeted. Half? So now its 1 in 20,000. How many are teenagers? 1/4? Now we’re down to 5,000 teenagers — and I think that is a generous number, at best. How many of them are closeted? Half? Now, 2500. How many of them are from families that won’t be supportive? Half? 1250. How many of them are even possibly on the verge of doing something negative to themselves? 500? I think all these numbers are pretty generous to your “think of the children” meme. But, I don’t have a degree in math… if you have a 1 in 100,000 chance of a negative event, and there are 500 potential subjects, what is the percentage chance of a negative event?

We’re going to interrupt here because we know the answer. ANY CHANCE. Any chance is too high. Even one is too high. Carry on.

So, if we out anybody, I’m really not concerned about it. Despite that fact, I *have* been contacted by people afraid of being outed. We have dealt with those people with sensitivity and compassion.

Sorry. Me again. Has there been anything this man has said that convinced you that he is even capable of sensitivity and compassion, let alone a practitioner of it?

I have allowed them every courtesy I could, and have offered to support virtually any lie they want me to support (for example, they were looking at Corbins Coeds). Nobody has ever taken me up on that offer.

If we “generate bad publicity,” so be it. There is no such thing. In fact, every time a blogger repeats this “gay teens suicide” meme / fairy tale, they help our cause. For that, I thank you on behalf of the company. Please feel free to forward this conversation to anyone you like. Our position is reasoned, thought through, and we stand behind it. I hardly think you waving your arms and yelling “oh look, Corbin Fisher’s lawyer think’s I’m an uneducated moron” will do much to harm this company. Ever since we started our crackdown, our paid memberships have risen sharply. Meanwhile, our content has been much more difficult to find online. In the meantime, we have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements — and the majority of it was given away to Equality Florida and Equality California — groups that actually know a thing or two about what you’re merely ranting about.

Good luck with your tantrum. It won’t get you far.

Hundred of thousands of dollar, eh? Just twelve days ago Mr. Randazza told The Advocate that just 20 people took Corbin Fisher up on their offer of a $1000 amnesty agreement not to be sued. It’s either been an extremely lucrative week and a half for Corbin Fisher, or Mr. Randazza is exaggerating to someone.

With that said, I contacted Equality Florida today to discuss the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Corbin Fisher and parent company Liberty Media claim to have made to the organization. A representative for the non-profit LGBT organization told me, “I’ve never heard of them.”


***UPDATE*** Corbin Fisher has released a blanket statement claiming they are “liberating” gays by outing them!

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