Corbin Fisher Thinks Outing Gay Teens Is “Laughable”; Calls Unicorn Booty “Uneducated”

Corbin Fisher Thinks Outing Gay Teens Is “Laughable”; Calls Unicorn Booty “Uneducated”

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Perhaps you’ve been reading our ongoing coverage of gay porn studio Corbin Fisher’s threat to sue 40,000 IP addresses, many of which we believe belong to gay teens who aren’t able to legally download materials themselves without a credit card. If not, catch up first:

All caught up? Good. Today we received an email from a Corbin Fisher lawyer, Marc J. Randazza. It’s juicy.

From: Marc J. Randazza <>

Subject: Your article

Message Body: I just reviewed this article:

I find it to be a bit strange. In addition to my law degree, I have a BA and an MA in journalism. I learned that when you write an article about a company, you usually attempt to contact them for a comment.

Had you done so in this case, I might have been able to help you avoid looking foolish.

For starters: The lawsuit involving the “electrician” is not in Florida, it is in California. Second, she isn’t countersuing, she moved to dismiss. Third, if you review that court file, you’ll find that her entire set of filings were stricken.

With respect to this meme about “gay teens,” we find it laughable.

Finally: We have not given you permission to use CF photos on your website. We are not considering legal action against you for doing so. However, we do insist that anyone who uses our photos must enter into a licensing agreement with us. The terms are certainly not burdensome.

Give me a call the week of March 1. I’ll both help you correct your post, so you seem less uneducated, and I’ll talk to you about the licensing terms.

Marc J. Randazza

Ex-skyoooze me? Let’s get the fluff out of the way first. Our deepest condolences go out to the wrongly mentioned state of Florida. We can only pray that our use of your state in our article didn’t cause any irreparable harm. And the pictures in question were taken right off of Google images, and were linked back to Corbin Fisher. They’ve since been removed, and replaced with the giant pile of greedy, greedy cash you are seeing on this post as well. Finally, who says “less uneducated”? We would have used the words “better educated.” But hey, that’s just us.

Now onto the beef. Corbin Fisher thinks that potentially outing gay teens is “laughable.” Seriously? In this day and age of highly publicized gay suicides, discrimination in schools across the country, and the It Gets Better Project, a representative for a gay porn company just told a gay news blog that they find the massive potential harm in their legal action against downloaders, many of whom are gay teens, LAUGHABLE? Is this company out of its mind?!

Look pal, we call it like we see it. And we see the potential for harm within the LGBT community. Our friends are discussing this lawsuit every day, and they agree that it’s KIDS who download porn illegally on family computers. Adults have credit cards, bank accounts, and personal responsibility. Closeted gay teens don’t have access to these resources yet, and get porn – which may be the only access they have at all to figuring out their sexuality – from the internet in increasingly sophisticated ways. It takes all of 3 minutes to download a bittorent client to begin finding porn.

Corbin Fisher is not thinking this through. Remember when Metallica went up against Napster and succeeded in killing the music sharing resource? Remember how they completely enraged their fans? They won the battle, but one only needs to turn on a computer today to see that they lost the war in a major way. The same goes for porn. Horrendous PR like you are currently engaged in sure isn’t helping matters.

Corbin Fisher has a right to their own intellectual property, yes. And they of course have a right to go after illegal downloaders. But by doing it using IP addresses, they risk outing gay teens and adults to friends and family. And just because they CAN, doesn’t mean they SHOULD be suing their own fans.

We’ll be calling Mr. Randazza sometime during the week of March 1 like he strangely requests (Is he on vacation? Spending some of that lawsuit money?), but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the detrimental actions of this company to the gay community. Feel free to go ahead and tell Corbin Fisher and Mr. Randazza how you feel as well. We’ve removed his phone number from his letter, but his email address is Marc, we welcome your response.

Finally, we didn’t reach out to Corbin Fisher because we weren’t obligated to. We call it like we see it, and we see a real stinker here. Our reporting that a gay porn company is suing it’s fans doesn’t make us “foolish”, it makes us what we are – a trusted resource for news affecting the gay community. Corbin Fisher’s representative asserting that we are uneducated is the real joke here. This is coming from a guy who put it in writing that he finds this “meme about ‘gay teens’” – the potential that copyright claims will out gay teens via their IP address – “laughable.”

What do you think about Corbin Fisher suing people who have allegedly illegally downloaded their content?

***UPDATE. It gets worse.***

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