Which Countries Have the Most Internet Trolls?

Which Countries Have the Most Internet Trolls?

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In the current double issue of TIME magazine—you know, the one with that cover that was sure to really piss off Donald Trump—the magazine takes a look at various countries’ “trolling score,” basically the saturation of internet trolls, and the results might just surprise you.

In a brief sidebar, the Feb. 27 issue points out a Microsoft survey of people in 14 countries that gauged “digital civility” on a 100-point scale. The survey measured exposure to 17 “online threats,” including bullying and personal leaks.

Basically, the higher a country’s score, the more troll-tastic a country is. Here’s a sample of what Microsoft found:

South Africa came out on top (not a good thing) with a score of 78.

Russia had a trolling score of 74.

Brazil came in at 71.

China had a score of 67.

Denmark‘s trolling score was 62.

The United States came in at only 55.

What do you think about the survey’s results? Let us know in the comments.

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