A New Study Tried to Learn Which Countries Lie Most About Penis Size, But …

A New Study Tried to Learn Which Countries Lie Most About Penis Size, But …

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It’s a well-known fact that men around the world lie about their penis size. Internet hook-ups do it, men in penis-length studies do it and even porn studios do it. The reason? To make themselves more attractive to mates (duh). A recent study tried to find out which English-speaking countries exaggerate their penis sizes the most and they learned that men in some countries might actually underestimate their actual penis size.

The researchers surveyed 1,715 people — 953 males and 762 females — and asked the men, “What is the size of your penis?” and the women, “What was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with?” Researchers then sorted the responses by each respondent’s country or origin and then averaged the male and female totals to see how much they differed.

Globally, they found that men’s and women’s estimates of average penis length varied from 7 to 6.61 inches respectively, which is interesting because those estimates far exceed the widely confirmed average penis size of 5.16 inches erect.

If you buy the researchers’ assumption that difference in male and female measurements equals “lying about penis size,” then men in the U.K. exaggerate their penis sizes the least (adding a mere quarter inch), men in the U.S. add 0.6 inches and Australian men add a whopping 1.51 inches — no one likes a fibber, mate.

Conversely, men in Canada actually underestimated their penis sizes by 0.12 inches while guys in India undershoot theirs by 0.23 inches — so modest, those two.

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But here’s the thing: This study’s methodology doesn’t actually study whether or not men lie about their size. More so, it’s just a study of how men and women differently perceive penis size. Researchers have no idea how often men and women actually discuss penis length so there’s no way of knowing how often actual lying occurs. And even the most size-obsessed aren’t pulling out rulers, measuring erect penises and compiling their data into sets, so we should consider the study pretty unscientific.

Either way, we discourage lying about your penis size. It may help you snag a few sexy size queens, but it’s much better just to claim ignorance or say, “You’ll have to wait and see” if you’d rather not say. That way, your penis will be a surprise whenever it finally makes its standing ovation.

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