Couples Who Don’t Want Their Child, Often Don’t Want Gays Adopting It

Couples Who Don’t Want Their Child, Often Don’t Want Gays Adopting It

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According to a recent poll, one third of adults believe that gays and lesbians make worse parents than straight couples. The irony here slays us.

Attention citizens of Planet Earth: It’s not gays and lesbians that are becoming pregnant and putting their children up for adoption. We are the ones that are actively fighting to secure adoption rights and marriage equality laws so that we can take your unwanted, unplanned, or unwelcome children in and raise them. And P.S.- Global adoption rates are at an all-time low. You’re fighting us tooth and nail to keep your children out of our homes, but you aren’t exactly rushing out to take care of them yourselves.

Deep breaths…

The UK Guardian reports:

Research collected by the charity shows that only 3.75% – or 120 out of 3,200- children adopted in England in 2010 were adopted by same-sex couples: a figure that was evenly split between couples who were and were not in a civil partnership.

There are more than 64,000 children in the care system in England: one quarter of whom will never find a family.

Adoption UK’s chief executive, Jonathan Pearce, said there was a “certain irony” in gay and lesbian couples being discriminated against when seeking to adopt children.

“After all, children from care are placed for adoption in the majority of cases because they have been abused and neglected in their birth families, the overwhelming majority of which would have been heterosexual parents,” he said. “We don’t then conclude that all heterosexual parents are bad parents.”

There isn’t a single shred of evidence to suggest that children raised by same-sex parents are in any way, shape or form worse off, or less prepared in life than their counterparts raised by “traditional” families. Not a single bit, people. To suggest otherwise, or to not confront such information as incorrect when you encounter it, is simply bigotry.

Are you disappointed to see so many believe this falsehood?

Via The Guardian

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