Court Rules Anti-Gay Woman Can’t Tell Gay Co-worker She’s Going To Hell

Court Rules Anti-Gay Woman Can’t Tell Gay Co-worker She’s Going To Hell

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It’s not every day that we get to write a headline like this one!

Some background:

Tanisha Matthews was fired from her job as an overnight stocker at a store in Joliet, Illinois, in 2005 after a lesbian co-worker named only as Amy filed a complaint against her.

Amy claimed that during a break, Ms Matthews had screamed “over her” that God does not accept gays, that they should not exist, that they would go to hell and that they are not “right in the head”.

Five other employees confirmed that Ms Matthews said gays would go to hell and are sinners.

Ms Matthews was fired for violating Wal-Mart’s anti-harassment policies but claimed she had been discriminated against for her race and religion.

She later dropped the claim for racial discrimination but took the company to court for discriminating against her for being an Apostolic Christian.

Girl, you weren’t fired because of your race. You were fired because you behaved like an asshole. Matthews was ballsy enough to take her case to court in an attempt to defend her bigotry and just straight up nasty treatment of her co-worker. Religion and sexuality should have no factor at all in the common sense realization that you don’t scream at your co-workers. Regardless, Matthews felt confident enough that she was the victim in this situation to sue Wal-Mart.

She lost. Duh! The court ruled that one’s right to practice their religion freely in no way, shape or form trumped an individual’s right to not be harassed by crazy people. Matthews violated Wal-Mart employee policy with her temper tantrum, and violated Sesame Street’s “These Are the People in Your Neighborhood” guide to personal conduct.

Be good to each other, y’all. It’s not that difficult.

Are you pleased with the court’s decision?

Via Pink News

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