Covfefe Say Wha? 10 Gay Slang Definitions for Donald Trump’s New Favorite Word

Covfefe Say Wha? 10 Gay Slang Definitions for Donald Trump’s New Favorite Word

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In the wee hours of the morning, Donald Trump tweeted out the word covfefe. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” the tweet began, at 12:06 a.m., from @realDonaldTrump.

Hours later, the tweet was deleted. Trump next tweet asked whether we could figure out the word’s meaning. So we can’t help but wonder: what does it mean to the gay community?

Here are 10 possible gay slang definitions for the word covfefe:

1. The new monthly gear party at that gay bar struggling to be relevant.

“OMG. Last night at Covfefe, Darryl was so fucked up. He vomited all over the salad bar.”

2. The term used to describe a wannabe American Horror Story fan when really they’ve only seen Coven.

“Ugh, Justin is such a covfefe. He doesn’t even know who Connie Britton is!”

3. The list of preferences someone puts on their dating app profile.

“Of course he wanted to know my covfefe, so I told him: fisting, farting and funfetti.”

4. A man who claims to be a dom top but really turns out to be a vers bottom.

“Justin was so mad because the covfefe he invited over last night ended up not choking him as promised.”

5. A drag queen on season 17 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“Ever since Drag Race moved to FOX, it’s different. Covfefe Couture only won last night’s challenge because she is a Log Cabin Republican and Ivanka Trump was the guest judge. How crazy is it that they got the president of the United States to judge? Times are fucked up.”

6. An orgy involving two French tourists.

“Justin got so lucky last night. After meeting those French tourists on Hornet, they took him back to their hotel and Eiffel Towered him during a covféfe.”

7. A term used to describe the appearance of a sugar baby’s expensive lifestyle without ever seeing the sugar daddy or any mention of him.

“Justin’s covfefe is so good! He just flew first-class to Dubai after being in Paris all week! That sugar daddy he found on must be loaded.”

8. A group of predominantly white gay men who post a million group photos on Sunday Funday to prove to the world they aren’t alone, even though that’s how they feel inside.

“I had to unfollow Justin last Sunday on Instagram. It’s like, we get it. You play kickball with your covfefe and then get shitfaced at Showtunes later.”

9. The term used to describe a gay man whose entire sense of humor is comprised of sending Real Housewives and Drag Race gifs during text conversations.

“Without GIPHY, Justin would never be able to communicate with the rest of the world. He’s such a covfefe.”

10. A term used to describe the vagina of a gay man’s best female friend.

“Justin really isn’t a gold star gay because during Cinco de Mayo weekend his sophomore year at Bard, he put his fingers in Christine’s covfefe.”

What do you think it means? Tell us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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