Scam Artist Craig Jungwirth is Back Selling Tickets to Non-Existent Beach Bear Weekend

Scam Artist Craig Jungwirth is Back Selling Tickets to Non-Existent Beach Bear Weekend

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He was in headlines a lot last year for all the wrong reasons.

South Florida police began investigating Craig Jungwirth—an infamous anti-LGBT troll who scammed Beach Bear Weekend attendees by selling reservations to non-existent hotel rooms and events—after he threatened to carry out an Orlando-style attack in Wilton Manors.

Well, it looks like after just being released on probation, he may be back at it. A Facebook account baring his name is trying to scam people (including us) all over again by selling tickets to Beach Bear Weekend 2017.

South Florida Gay News reports that after terror charges were dropped, he was released on probation last week:

One week after federal charges were dropped, Jungwirth, 50, pleaded guilty to two second-degree misdemeanors in Broward County. He was sentenced to a year’s probation, and ordered to undergo a mental health assessment.

Jungwirth had been held in Broward County Jail the past month for violating the conditions of his bond on charges of defrauding an innkeeper, having failed to complete a pretrial diversion program, and getting arrested on a new charge while out on bond on a pending case.

Represented by his counsel, Ron Baum, Jungwirth pleaded open before the Honorable Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren. She adjudicated him guilty on both cases, ordering him to serve two consecutive terms of six months’ probation, requiring he see a private psychologist or court licensed mental health expert, and fulfill whatever treatment plans they so outline.

After we saw that he was out and about, we decided to look him up on Facebook. Not only did we find new accounts under his name, but we found quite a lot of people posting about him as well.

Here are a few of those posts:

We reached out to Jungwirth ourselves to find out more. Here is what happened when we did.

Scroll to the right to continue the conversation:

We kind of love that he promises unicorn and booty at the fake event he is promoting.

The website reads, “Join bears from around the world April 13th to 16th, 2017 in the hottest town for bears on the planet: Fort Lauderdale!” Tickets are being sold through here at $199 a pop. We hope nobody falls for this scam, as there are no hotels or events actually listed on the website.

If these Facebook accounts are really him, Jungwirth may have already violated his probation through this communication. SFGN reports that part of his probation was “to have no contact with any of the businesses in person, via the internet or any means of social media.”

If anybody has any updates regarding this matter, please email us here.

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