‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ in Drag: Tributes to the CW’s Best Musical Comedy (Video)

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ in Drag: Tributes to the CW’s Best Musical Comedy (Video)

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It’s no secret that we love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And we’re not alone — the Emmy-winning musical deconstruction of the romantic comedy has a growing cult audience. We didn’t even know if we could love it any more until we discovered four words: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend drag.

Jeremy B. Yoder compiled some of his favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend drag performances — and they’re as wide-ranging as the genres of music in in the show itself.

One of the highlights of the original show was “The Math of Love Triangles,” a Marilyn Monroe-style number with a surprising amount of mathematical accuracy:

Seattle drag queen Ruby Bouche lip synced to this one at the Unicorn last year and made it her own:

It’s not just drag queens — here’s Amazzon Kane’s drag king version of “I Gave You a UTI.”

But our favorite — and Yoder’s — is this political take on “Face Your Fears” starring Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (actually Kitty Klottsalot):

Yoder’s original Tumblr post (which features more performances!) also makes a few suggestions for songs he’d like to see done in drag. While he has some great nominations — we second “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” — we can’t believe he missed “Feelin’ Kinda Naughty.” (We did find this performance by Anna Falaxis, but we’re talking a full-on number!)

Though, honestly, no matter what the song, we just want to see more Crazy Ex-Drag than anything else. (Yoder also suggests Rachel Bloom as a guest star on RuPaul’s Drag Race. We need to make that happen.)

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