Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer God, Shares Great Response to Being Called ‘F*ggot’

Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer God, Shares Great Response to Being Called ‘F*ggot’

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Spanish soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is (unfortunately) not gay. He’s been romantically linked with gorgeous women like Kylie Minogue, in fact. (And other women as cringe-worthy as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, but we digress.) Yet dealing with homophobic taunts on the soccer field seem to follow him nonetheless, the latest occurring during a recent match between his team, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.

One of soccer’s most celebrated players, Ronaldo apparently exchanged heated words with Atletico Madrid’s Jorge Resurrección Merodio (aka “Koke”) an hour into the match. While both players received yellow cards following the on-field incident, it wasn’t until after the match that a local radio station learned what all the fuss was about.

Here’s the play-by-play of what the radio reporter heard:

“Koke called me a faggot,” said Ronaldo. “What?” replied a teammate. “‘You are a faggot,’ he said to me. I said to him ‘If we meet in Madrid, you’ll see what I’ll do.’”

“What are you going to do?” asked the teammate.

“Nothing, what am I going to do?” said Cristiano.

“Who said that?” asked another teammate who joined the conversation late.

“Koke, he called me a faggot,” Ronaldo said.

“I said, ‘Yes, yes, a faggot. But a very rich one, shithead.’”


And, yes, for the record, Ronaldo is indeed rich. Last year the soccer forward topped soccer’s “Rich List” with a fortune of £152.3M (nearly $200 million U.S.).


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