This Horrible Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo Actually Looks More Like Eric Trump Art

This Horrible Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo Actually Looks More Like Eric Trump

Written by Alexander Kacala on March 31, 2017
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The internet is buzzing that sexy soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with a statue in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal. However, the result is pretty horrifying and does not do any justice to the very sexy stud it is supposed to look like.

A bust of the superstar has been slammed as “questionable” and “horrifying” after it was unveiled at the Aeroporto da Madeira. The airport has been renamed the Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport to honor the island’s famous citizen, but the new statue unveiled to mark the occasion bears little resemblance to Ronaldo.

One person on Twitter pointed out that the soccer player’s bust reminded him of Eric Trump:

Another brought up that Ronaldo has a history of horrible statues based on his appearance:

What is it with scary bronzed statues that look nothing like their subjects?

Remember the statue of Lucille Ball that once stood in her hometown of Celoron. Unveiled by sculptor Dave Poulin in 2009, the statue was so hated that it spawned a Facebook group and fundraiser to get rid of the statue.

Poulin got death threats over his statue. He offered to do a replacement and admits that his sculpture is “by far my most unsettling sculpture, not befitting of Lucy’s beauty or my ability as a sculptor.”

The town did end up raising enough money, but they opted to go with sculptor Carolyn Palmer’s replacement that was unveiled last year on Ball’s birthday.

Other than dealing with horrible pieces of art based on his looks, Ronaldo has also had to deal with intense homophobia at games from fans and other players the past year.

“Ronaldo is the continuous object of insults and malicious rumors in the tabloids, but also from sports reporters, players and fans of rival teams,” said LGBT activist Francisco Ramirez, “with the goal of humiliating, offending and denigrating a great player.”

cristiano ronaldo
During a game last year, he had an epic response to one player who called him a faggot.

“Yes, yes, a faggot. But a very rich one, shithead.”

Maybe he will use some of his riches to buy himself a better looking statue. Hopefully one that doesn’t look quite as Trump-esque.

cristiano ronaldo statue

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