The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Will Erase Jughead’s Asexuality

The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Will Erase Jughead’s Asexuality

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Last February, Jughead—Archie’s crown-wearing, burger-loving best friend—came out as asexual in an issue of the Jughead comic book. The writer behind the comic decided that Jughead’s asexuality would add complexity by allowing Jughead to focus on something other than “hormonal teen romances.”

Yeah well, the CW ain’t having it. In their upcoming Archie-based series Riverdale, Jughead will be romantically interested in girls (and burgers), according to Riverdale‘s Jughead actor Cole Sprouse. However, Sprouse says that he’ll keep fighting “pretty heavily” to try and get Jughead’s asexuality incorporated back into the storyline.

Jughead has expressed some attraction to girls during his 75 years in Archie comics, but he was nowhere near as girl-crazy as his red-headed bestie, Archie. The CW could have given asexuality some major visibility and exploration had they stuck to Jughead’s recent sexual awakening, but instead they’ve tossed him back into “hormonal teen romances.”

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